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Watch Buying Guide – All You Need to Know

'Time and tide wait for no man'. This is an old saying that holds true even today. Actually, it is especially relevant today. In an era of fast machines and faster technological gadgets, the fastest moving entity is time. Though we cannot conquer time, we can at least keep track and keep up with its pace. Watches are those marvelous machines in miniature that help us make the most of every day, efficiently. Read the full article.

Wallet Buying Guide – All You Need to Know

Of all the valuable accessories available for a man, the most valuable one is also the least appreciated… we are referring to the storehouse of money here. The wallet! Tucked securely in the depths of the pocket of a trouser or coat (or a handbag, in women), these effective holders of cash, coins, and cards, come out only on few occasions that matter - moments concerning money, bills and payments! Read the full article.

Bangles Buying Guide – All You Need to Know

In a world where trends change almost every day and styles change by the hour, there are a few accessories that have maintained their positions fairly well. Bangles are one such. Bangles are among the oldest of adornments. They have a rather interesting history. Read the full article.

iPhone Case Buying Guide – All You Need to Know

As the popular saying of our times goes, there are three apples that changed the world - the apple of Eden, the famous apple that dropped in front of Newton, and the third is, of course, is the one that took the world of communication and technology by storm. Steve Job's Apple. Read the full article.

Make-Up Case Buying Guide – All You Need to Know

The world is yet to see a woman who does not want to look her best. Though beauty is assuredly, only skin deep, the desire to look beautiful is innate in every woman. There are a variety of cosmetics and beauty products available in the market that are used to accentuate your looks as well as mask your blemishes. It is only your choice of the right product that is going to make all the difference. Read the full article.