Men’s Scarf Buying Guide – All You Need to Know

Men’s Scarf Buying Guide – All You Need to Know

A guide to buying men’s scarves? Yes, indeed! Gone are the days when fashion was considered the exclusive realm of women. The modern man is as much aware and conscious of fashion as his better half is. Actually, scarves have a more important role to play in a man’s wardrobe than in a woman’s. Wearing a scarf can give a man, a look of sophistication. It helps enhancing the look of both formal and informal clothes. They add a splash of color to his otherwise sober wardrobe! The scarf has now become an integral part of every man’s attire. Let us learn more about scarves for men -their types, materials they are made of, the different ways of wearing them and a list of the top brands that offer a wide range of stylish scarves.

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Why do men need scarves?

A scarf is usually a rectangular piece of fabric, measuring 10 inches in width and 70 inches in length. The material used to make the scarf will depend on its functionality. The chief purpose of a man’s scarf is to offer the wearer protection from harsh weather conditions.  Additionally, it also accentuates the appeal of any outfit. Scarves have been popularized, not only by dashing Hollywood heroes and men of importance, but also by World War aviators who donned scarves to save their necks from getting chaffed!

Scarves are the among the best fashion accessories in a man’s comparatively limited arsenal to proclaim his sense of style and taste to the world. It is a means of self expression. A deviant from the numbing anonymity of a stereotype.

Types of scarves

There are many types of scarves available in the market. Choose a scarf depending on the purpose, occasion and weather conditions. They may be categorized in six main types.

Standard scarves


This is the regular rectangular type of scarf that we usually associate with the word. It is available in a myriad of colors and textures in all seasons.

Square scarves


This scarf has its origin in Arabia, where men wore square pieces of cloth called Keffiah to cover their head and protect it against the scorching desert sun. It is usually a square piece of cotton cloth colored, checkered print along the edges. It is now a fashionable headdress for men and women around the world. It is usually worn in summer.

Winter scarves


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These are thick and heavy scarves designed to keep men warm in winter. They are generally longer and thicker than the standard scarves so that they can be wrapped around the neck. Many fabric choices, colors, and knit patterns are available.



These are distinctively different from other scarves because they have no loose ends. They are shaped like a tube and are lowered to the neck from over the head. Snoods are an essential part of the winter gear in very cold countries.

Aviator scarves


As the name implies, these scarves were worn by pilots in the past. These are usually made in white colored fabric. Since they have been promoted as fashion accessories now, they are available in many other colors.

Pashmina scarves


Also referred to as Pashmina shawls, these scarves are luxurious and exude style and class. They are woven from the finest Pashmina or Cashmere wool. They are longer than the normal scarves and are light-weight and soft to touch.

Materials used for scarves

  • Cotton is a popular choice of fabric used to make light-weight, breathable scarves that are well-suited for hot summers. Cotton scarves can be washed easily.
  • Silk scarves are made out of the cocoons of the mulberry silkworms. They can present a glittering shiny look or a muted matte look. They are light and exude class. Worn in summer.
  • Linen scarves are the most breathable of all scarves. They are made from flax fiber and are actually cool to touch. For this very reason, they are sought after in summer.
  • Chiffon scarves are of sheer woven fabric which is made from cotton, silk and other synthetic materials. They are stretchable and are suitable for summers.
  • Acrylic and Polyester scarves are among the most inexpensive ones available in the market. They are made of synthetic materials and can be machine washed. They may not be stylish but are the most utilitarian.
  • Woolen Blend scarves are probably the most commonly used. They are available in medium and heavy weight. Their neutral colors are a popular choice among men. They are often worn over a collared shirt in order to prevent skin itches and rashes. Wool blend scarves help keep the neck warm in winter and are a popular choice.

Choosing the right scarf

Before you choose a scarf, size, color, pattern and material will have to be considered.

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  • The size of a man’s scarf is dependent on the size of the wearer. The width is 6 to 9 inches and the length is 50 to 90 inches. It is wider than a woman’s scarf.
  • Man’s scarves are of darker or neutral, solid colors. They have stripes or checkered patterns in them.
  • Although men’s scarves could be made with any of the fabrics mentioned above, Acrylic and wool are preferred. It is rare to see men’s scarves in silk, satin or bamboo yarns.

 Wearing your scarf right

After buying a good scarf, you have to master the fine art of wearing it to perfection. The style of wearing your scarf spells your personality. There are many ways to wear and carry your scarf with elegance. Listed below are a few general rules.

  • Keep the knots simple. It is important for you to feel comfortable in it. Comfort will give you confidence.
  • Decide on the knot depending on the fabric and length of the scarf.
  • Always tie your scarf loosely around your neck. Don’t treat it as a tie.
  • A scarf should be functional first, not merely a fashion accessory.

There are many types of knots you can sport your scarf with. Take a look at this.

The Drape


The simplest way to wear your scarf. Just drape the scarf over your neck, over your coat. This is more an embellishment than a functional one. This can be worn with casual wear or a suit.

The Ascot Knot


This is a very simple knot of tying a scarf. Adjust the scarf on your shoulders and do a ‘over and under’ knot as with your shoe laces!

The Fake Knot


Adjust the scarf over your shoulders so that one end is shorter. Make a loose knot  in the short end and insert the e long end through it, to make it resemble a knot. Hence the name.

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The Once Round


Lay the scarf on your shoulder and drape it around your neck once. Leave both the ends dangling over the front.

The Twice Round


In cold weather, it is preferred to wrap your scarf twice around your neck and leave the short ends in front.

The European Knot


Fold  a long scarf so that it has two equal halves. Make the ends touch and keep the bent end in your hand. Pass the loose ends over your back with the other hand, tuck in the ends through the bend and secure.

Designer Scarves

Scarves are a real asset to a man’s wardrobe, not only by adding a dash of color to his ensemble, but also enable him to make a style statement. A declaration of his unique personality. Most top designers have their own line of scarves designed impeccably to the last detail. It is always prudent to have a designer scarf in your closet for those special occasions when you want to make your presence underlined!

Have a look at what the top designers have to offer.

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Polo Ralph Lauren


Tommy Hilfiger Cotton Cashmere


HUGO BOSS Fine Stripe Scarf

Cleaning and Storage of Scarves

Scarves are usually made of delicate fabric. Even wool blends need to be protected against harsh conditions. They must be washed and stored carefully. In order to keep your priceless scarves safe, follow these tips

  • Do not use steel hangers as they could tear the scarf. Use wooden hangers.
  • Silk scarves are prone to losing color. Do not wear them in rain.
  • Do not wear scarves in the hot sun. Sun light will dull the fabric.
  • Avoid laundering or washing your scarves. Just hang them out for air.
  • Cashmere scarves and shawls can be hand-washed and dried.
  • Cotton and rayon scarves can be washed in machine in a lingerie bag and dried.
  • Do not use steam iron on scarves.