iPhone Case Buying Guide – All You Need to Know

iPhone Case Buying Guide – All You Need to Know

As the popular saying of our times goes, there are three apples that changed the world – the apple of Eden, the famous apple that dropped in front of Newton, and the third is, of course, is the one that took the world of communication and technology by storm. Steve Job’s Apple.

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Apple’s unsophisticated icon of a just-a-bit bitten apple, has now become synonymous with technical revolution and has made many of its competitors bite the dust! Apple’s iPhone was first launched in 2011 and has, since then created a niche of its own. It has a huge population of brand loyalists who will vouch for its superiority over Android phones. They are ever in the quest for products that can protect their precious phone for posterity!

We have tried to put in all the information we have collected about protective covers and cases for iPhones in a concise format and hope this will help you make the right choice. This guide is dedicated to those die-hard fans of iPhones and also to those who aspire to become ‘Apple-lites’ in the future.

Why do you need a case for iPhone?

As with any other electronic device, the iPhone will have to be protected from accidental falls. The earliest versions of iphone were quite big and heavy. So, protection with a cover was not so much of a concern. Through the years, as newer versions were introduced at regular intervals, the iPhone is seen to be getting sleeker, thinner, and consequently, much more delicate. The sensitive touch screen of the iPhone makes it susceptible to scratches and smudges. The screen is also vulnerable to cracks, if dropped. So, a protective cover is no longer an option. It is an imperative investment to secure your incomparable, not to mention, expensive, iPhone!

Drop Protection: iPhones of today are stylish and sleek slabs composed of metal, glass, plastic or a combination of these. They are very light and are compact and portable. These advantageous features also render them extremely fragile and susceptible to damage. Even an accidental slip or fall could smash the screen, leave dents in the body of the device and cause irreparable damage to the phone, and to your pocket!

Cosmetic Concerns: In order to avoid such unfortunate incidents, it is important for us to duly protect our iPhones by using phone covers that effectively safeguard the phone from accidents. We handle our    phones every day. Frequent use can also smudge the iPhone and leave marks on it. These marks can spoil the aesthetic appeal of your expensive iphone. The other important reason to have your personalized phone case would be the opportunity it gives you to flaunt your style and choice!

Protection of Camera: Even if you are not too concerned about an occasional scratch or even a cracked back, you have something more to worry about. The iPhone, has a camera lens affixed to the back of the phone.    So, the lens is prone to get damaged. This can result in photos of poor quality.

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Resale Value: Apple comes out with new versions of its iPhone, almost every year. If you are among those people who religiously upgrade their iPhones, you must consider investing in a sturdy iPhone case. Even if you overlook tiny nicks and scratches, many others do! It is a good idea to maintain your iphone in good condition, if you intend to sell or exchange it in future.

Points to note before buying a cover

  • The front of the iPhone or its face usually has the light sensor and the proximity sensor. The back of the phone has the camera lens and flash. Make sure that the iPhone cover or case you buy does not block the main areas of the phone, including its microphone, dock-connector, and speaker on the bottom and the headphone jack, additional headphone on the top.
  • When you are trying to investigate the various options for iPhone covers, you are likely to encounter the word, ‘universal’, very frequently. Be warned that it is a very misleading word. It may imply that the cover will suit iphone 4 and iphone 4S. But this ‘universal’ cover cannot fit in the slighter bigger iPhone 5 or the even bigger iPhone 6/6S.
  • Also remember that different manufacturers may have different button lay-out or slight differences in size. For instance, AT&T and Verizon, both manufactured iPhone 4, but with dissimilarities. So, the ‘universal’ cover will not fit the bill, or the iPhone!

Types of cases/covers available

The type of case used for your iPhone will largely depend on your lifestyle and your personal habits. There are two aspects to consider when you plan to buy a case. Firstly, how well it can protect your iPhone and secondly, how well it projects your personality.

If you are out and about most of the day, you are better off with a solid case that can safeguard your iPhone from the elements and accidents. Cases that suit your personal style may be chosen according to your own preferences of color and design.

Here is a list of the four most popular cases for an iPhone.


These are hard plastic or metal shells that would surround the back of the iPhone. They are designed to protect the phone against minor scratches and bumps. They provide the minimum level of protection.


Flexible silicone or rubber skins mold to the iPhone like a skin, protecting it from scratches and bumps as well as absorb shock when the device is dropped. These provide the phone with moderate protection.

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These cases were pioneered by Apple. Bumpers encase only the perimeter of the iPhone and can absorb shocks. They provide minimal protection.

Heavy- duty


These cases cover all parts of an iPhone. Consequently, they are harder to remove. Their sturdy frame protects the phone from shocks, scratches, bumps and also from the elements. They provide the ultimate protection. Such protective cases are also available with belt clip holster for iPhones.

Defender Cases




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For the ultimate protection of your iPhone, there are sets of cases with absolute protection technology. There are many such in the Ottoman series, that are not only designed to protect thoroughly, but are also available in a range of colors and patterns to please the eye and suit your style and mood. They frequently feature Turkish artwork and famous paintings, besides floral patterns.

Problems encountered with iPhone cases

  1. Many an iPhone user has had a problem with the cover that masks the camera flash. This problem has even led some to remove their cases off the phone, when it is time to photograph!Manufacturers of cases are well aware of this problem. So, they are trying to make the openings for the flash bigger. Just remember that the Apple store may not have all models available in the market. Don’t limit yourself to just one store. Do an online search to identify better models.
  1. If the iPhone is experiencing any signal strength, interference, or any other issue when the phone is in a case that uses magnetic clips to secure the phone, follow these steps:
    • Remove the iPhone from the carrying case.
    • Switch the iPhone off, and then on again. Press the sleep/ wake button on the top of the iPhone. Keep pressed and hold it until a red slider appears on the screen. Slide the slider. Press and hold the sleep/ wake button until the Apple logo appears.
    • Operate the iPhone and check if the condition still persists. If the problem is resolved, discontinue using that case or cover.
  2. Beware of Aluminum casing of iPhone5. There have been many reports of scratches on the casing itself, from unsatisfied users. It is better to protect your phone with a protective case before any damage is done.
  3. The Otterbox may give you total protection, but be aware of the increase in bulk caused by this ‘heavy weight’ case.
  4. If you have the tendency to stuff your iPhone into the pocket of your pants, you had better not choose a rubber cover. It is likely to come off every time you pull your phone out and you will have a hard time re-enclosing your iPhone into the rubber cover.
  5. Make sure your cover or case fits the phone perfectly well so that there is no possibility of any dirt or dust entering the gap.
  6. Some iPhone users who have not used protective cases to cover their phones have reported that after sliding their iPhones in and out of their jeans pockets repeatedly, they have noticed some of the dye from their jeans has rubbed off on the plastic strips present in the back of the iPhone.


In order to avoid this unsightly discoloration, it is important to use a protective cover on the iPhone, especially on the versions with the plastic strips on them.

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Metal is the most obstructive material that could be used in a case. Avoid metal cases when possible.

Identify the location of the antenna in your model of the iPhone. Different models have had the antenna at different locations on the phone. This will help you choose a case that will not block the reception of signals.

Case Cleaning Tips

Did you know that Smartphone and tablets are among the dirtiest things we touch every day? Touch screen devices are known to be the safe haven for all species of germs and bacteria. Some companies are trying to create glass that kills germs, but until such a time, it is our duty to keep our device clean and hygienic.

In fact, the case which is supposedly protecting our phone can be just as filthy, if not filthier. So, cleaning your device periodically can help your phone be clean of dust and dirt, and keep you healthy too.

Follow these guidelines to clean your iPhone case.

  • You will need some water, a drop of soap and a soft cloth.
  • Remove the case from your device. Start by dampening the cloth in the soapy water.
  • Swipe down the cover or case where dirt and grime are visible.
  • If you are very particular about warding off all germs, use a cotton swab with a drop of isopropyl alcohol.
  • Use another piece of clean cloth. Wet it with clean water and wipe off any remnants of soap on the case.
  • Let the case air dry or wipe down with a towel.

Use the valuable information provided in this case to choose the perfect case for your invaluable iPhone. Follow the tips to care for your case, and be assured that you will have no cause for concern.